Our Story


The Story of Two Pitmasters Who Came Together

Pitmasters Guy and Mandy Cummins met during Operation BBQ Relief which helped the countless victims of Hurricane Sandy in New York. They found that they not only had similar community interests, but by coming together and using their passions for good food as a healing tool, the couple built a lifelong bond and it can be felt and tasted in their many menu creations. This giving back to the community that the couple shares is a constant theme in Guy and Mandy's lives. They could then, and still can be now, found providing food for funerals, police officers, military service men and women or countless other events which touch their hearts. And then it happened...

Smokin' This and That BBQ was born. Guy and Mandy's determination and genuine care for the community in which they live has rewarded them the success of Smokin' This and That BBQ, ranked in the Top Four BBQ joints in the Tristate area! They started as an outdoor vendor smoking 100 pounds of meat per week, and with your support, they now smoke well over A TON of meat per week!

We appreciate your business and look forward to making you one of our lifelong friends. Grab a pen, marker or whatever you can get your hands on and tell us how we "Changed Your Life" by writing it on one of our walls. Remember, EATING IS A NECESSITY, BUT BBQ IS AN ART!